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The Rajun Cajun

The Rajun' Cajun
15 April 1986
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About Me
Since you found your way here, welcome! I'm Carra, but since no one outside of family can pronounce it right, feel free to call me Cajun or ClearWillow. (Or Clear or Willow, but you get the point)

I'm a freelance fantasy artist currently in college working towards my Associates in General Education, with a dream of teaching art from grades K-5. A bit of a nut, I have a habit of beating myself down, but I'm working on that. ;) I also have a twisted sense of humor that loves to make itself known at odd times. Careful now, I last saw it run under the couch.
This journal is open to everyone! There may be the rare times that I'll make friends only posts, though. You probably wouldn't miss much, so no worries.

If I add you to my friends list, chances are I think you're a fun and interesting person. You're welcome to add me if you want. In the once in a blue moon chance I do a friend cut, it's probably because we don't share the same interests anymore. So if I take you off by accident or something, and you still want to be friends I'll add you again.
I comment half as much as I probably should.

I always read up on my friends page, but I don't always comment. If I do, I've usually got something that I think is worth saying; I don't comment just to comment.
Although... if you're down about something, I can't guarantee that I won't comment with something bizarre to try and make you smile.