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I got my new shoes in the mail today! This is great for me, because I have that 5k event Thursday in class and the ones that I've been wearing would have murdered my feet. This new pair I got for $20 at Walmart, Danskin Now Citrus-somethings. They're silver and green, and my first thought was to call them 'Slytherin Sneakers' until Mama made a Daryl Waltrip joke, so if I suddenly burst out laughing next week in class that'll be why.
I've discovered that while I'm still getting about 2.2-2.3 miles each class, my knees are getting better and I'm not as winded. On Valentine's day I was one of the lucky few that got strapped with an accelerometer, and the instructor said that for most of the class period I stayed within the limits of moderate to vigorous activity, so I'm not doing as bad as I thought I was. He still can't understand why I'm so hard on myself.

Sadly, I'm still working on the same two commissions that I've been working on all month. One has some minor changes, which will be finished tonight, and the other I'm stuck on. I can see the image, but it's not clear enough to get down on paper, and that bothers me cause I usually don't have this problem with this guy's prompts. It's no one's fault, I think I'm just having a rotten month creative-wise. Warmer weather should fix that, I hope.

This past Nanowrimo fic I wrote seems to attract new followers with each update, and that makes me happy since I didn't think anyone would care to read it. Either way, it's more incentive to keep working on it (even though I should be reading King Lear, shhhh - don't tell my instructor).

And I'm not sure, but I get the feeling that I may have stretched myself too thin this semester. The other night I had a dream that I logged onto Facebook to find 6 messages from different people all wanting art at the same time! Better for me to be too busy than not busy at all I suppose. Breaks between semesters drives me batty if I don't have anything else to keep me occupied, even if I am just sitting down.