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One (of many) of those days


Frustrated for a number of reasons, and most of them come back to me still not having found a better way to budget my time. I have commissions to do (which I love); getting art block on one of them is not helping my need to draw. In class tomorrow, my routine will focus on 2.5 miles in the opposite direction of what I've been going in, and I am hoping that I don't hurt myself this week. See, the campus pretty much consists of hills, and the service road we go along has a steep slope in one of the turns. Like an idiot I went along the steepest part the first day and stepped wrong, so my ankle and knee suffered for it. Honestly, if my instructor hasn't figured out by now that my knees are weaker than they should be I'll be surprised. Don't get me wrong, I am trying my best, but I seem to overdo it. Freaking perfectionism, I guess. Not so good when you're out of shape. Still, on days when I don't go to class I'm trying to work my knees some more to build up strength.

My big ARGH moment came this evening when I tried to access the college's school databases for an English paper due at the end of the week. If you're not on campus, you need a password for specific sites (and in this case, is most of the relevant ones), which changes every semester. It used to be that we could put in our student IDs and get it that way, but they have either changed that, or someone in web management forgot to include it when they did the redesign, cause now I'm getting a 404 error. Tried emailing; the address they give doesn't exist according to GMail. So guess who gets to run across campus tomorrow after running for 40 minutes straight? Me!

On another note, is anyone still doing that 100-Things Challenge? I fully intend on finishing it, and I've even been working on them off the computer... it's just time that I need, and the memory to remember to post them would help too.