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I fell in class today.

To be fair, it was at the end of class and there were about 5 of us left in the fitness center, instructor included. We did a brisk mile-walk today as one of our pretests, and my knees paid dearly for it. The direction I went in on the laps has this really steep uphill that slowed me down considerably. Then we came back in and while I was nursing my pathetic joints the guys in the class did the 3-minute step test, which is about 17 inches tall and we have to keep with the rhythm to get an accurate heart rate. The instructor gave the girls the option of doing the test then or waiting until Thursday, since we were at the end of class.

And being the idiot I am, said sure, why the hell not? Go ahead and get it out of the way, one less thing to worry about. Well, for about the first minute I was doing okay. My knees had started to hurt again and my pace slowed, and I think this is where I went wrong - trying to catch back up. I stepped down with my right, went to get off with my left, and my balance (and left knee) decided to give out on me. I thought I'd be able to catch myself, but I landed on my left hand, and then my butt.

I'm okay, and I told the instructor so, but I'd have to try again on Thursday. He said that was perfectly fine; "do what your body tells you" he says. Well I should have listened to my knees. My instructor is more understanding of me than I am of me.

So I'm in a sulky mood and still nursing my knees while I work on commissions. I'm going to do some work to get my knees ready for Thursday; there's not much I can do for my balance, since I'm sure it's a sinus thing with the weather mucking around. And I'm going to wrap my knee and pray that I can knock out the step test before I have to run or anything.