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Commission Information

You don't realize how much college costs until you enroll, huh? ;D

Apart from earning money to pay for school, I'm also needing work to help make sure the bills stay paid - internet = a must for online schooling! My style is pretty widespread; I can jump from anime-like characters to portraits of actual people to furries or motorcycles. If you have a reference photo (or photos), chances are I can tackle it!

There's a fair amount of options to choose from, just follow the cut to see examples and prices:

The Five-Dollar Facebook Foto: Say you want to put your picture up on Facebook (or other social networking site), but you don't want the actual photograph in the internet stream. Or perhaps you want something nifty done to it, like be transformed into a fantasy character.

What I'll need: A picture of yourself; it doesn't have to be a glamor shot- just something that I can see your features clearly enough to draw from. For $5 I will draw you a bust portrait, and depending on any extra details you give me, I will bend it to a particular style. It may be in black and white, it may be in color. It may even be a speed coloring in Paintshop. The point is you will get a bust picture worthy of $5, without the worry of a potential employer overlooking you because of one party picture.


Almost Avatars:
Chances are if you've been to my Deviantart gallery, you've come across the avatar art I've done for users of Gaia Online. This is essentially the same, HOWEVER, when I used the avatar as a reference, any distinguishing characteristics that make it stand out as an image of Gaia Online will be either removed or modified to make it more of an original character. So if you wanted a character holding a Kiki Kitty, you'd get the character, but the cat would be changed drastically. It would still be white with blue eyes, but it would look more like an actual cat. If you wanted the hairstyle from the Fremere's Guard, you'd get something similar, perhaps more wavy  or shorter.

What I'll need: A saved image of the avatar in question. Tekteks with links to the dressup are great as it helps to see the individual pieces and what to change. The fun thing about this is that it opens up more room for creative expression, which is something you can't get when you want an exact copy.


Regular Commissions: Otherwise known as "Pencil, Lineart, or Color". They're self explanatory. Pencils will be shaded accordingly; lineart will be a clean inked drawing; and color will be colored pencils. A thorough digital coloring will take far too long, and I'm not quite comfortable with the skill as of yet.

What I'll need: Just like with the two mentioned above; references, references, references! You can't have too many is what I say, especially because I'm a stickler for details and want to make sure that you get what you pay for.

Examples: **Warning: This one's a bit on the gory side!**

Pricing: Facebook Fotos - $5
               Almost Avatars - $10
               Pencil Art - Starting at $9
               Inked lineart - Starting at $12
               Full color art - Starting at $15

I only accept paypal at this time. Payment needs to be sent and accepted first before I begin work. If the commission is an involved piece, I will keep you updated with progress sketches to make sure it is to your liking. I will be starting school again in June, but you are more than welcome to give me a nudge and ask how it's going. There are also very few things that I won't draw, within reason. You're welcome to throw the art prompt my way, but if it is something I am not comfortable with I will decline.

All finished pieces will be emailed to the address provided at a 300dpi resolution. Any 'facebook' photographs will be promptly deleted upon completion of the art.

If you would like to donate instead; you are more than welcome to. It's not mandatory, but it's there if you want to. All money collected will go towards school supplies and keeping the bills paid (no new game system for me, haha).

For more examples of my work, you can find me at Deviant Art, as well as Blue Canvas. Any questions/comments/pickles can be left at either of the above, a comment or message here, or at abbykaio [at] aol.com. I check all three sites and email several times each day; just make sure to label it as 'commission' or something that I will notice, lest I think it spam.