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June 6th, 2013

When it rains...

It never fails.

Right before I start classes, I have some sort of computer calamity.

This time its the monitor. About a week ago it started to shut off - completely off - at random. I spent the weekend googling possibile reasons, only to get confused and more frustrated. Then Tuesday night I noticed something stranger: it would turn on and off by itself even with the computer being off. Wednesday I had a fit after switching the cords for a second time and getting the same result. Today I did the sensible thing and google the brand to find the manual and ended up chatting with their tech support. She suggested that I try another powerstrip and outlet, and if it's still happening, it's an internal bit that's about to die, most likely. What's more, it's no longer servicable cause they stopped producing this model in April of 2011. I tried the wall outlet and it went out once I think, but I can't move the thing to try another outlet, as it's screwed to the wall. Tomorrow I'll try another spot on the power strip.

Now I have no idea how old this thing is, I got it used. I also need it for school and work, so I'm stuck with the phantom menace until one day I can actually afford to replace it, or it completely craps out. Yeah, they cost next to nothing, but the money I do have has to stretch to cover the bills and our most basic things we can't do without.

Basically I'm having one of those pissy-pity-parties, and learning that some of my family is going to the beach this weekend doesn't help. Not that I would begrudge them, of course, but they are always talking about how hard-up they are for money. Don't blow your money on crap and come crying to me about how awful you've got it cause you can't pay your bills. I make sure mine are paid - I can't do anything else, but I'm caught up, and at least I don't have that to worry over.

On a totally different note I'm pretty sure I would have lost my head it it wasn't attached today. I nearly left my bag on the bench at  the college, I actually did lose my good mechanical pencil, I miscalculated how much I was spending at the grocery store and spent more that I probably should have, and I spent most of the day thinking it was the 7th.

There's been some good things too. My chemistry instructor has pronounced my name right at both meetings this week - without me correcting him too! My chemistry lab group already sounds more responsible than my biology lab group was, although I think we'll all be awkward and shy for the first couple weeks. I've also collected a following for my nanowrimo story from last year. It's just a fanfic plotbunny that wouldn't leave me alone, but it's fun to write, and the feedback has been great. It's changed so much from the draft, it's amazing. Also amazing because I didn't expect anyone to like it, much less read it. So I'll probably have to play 'stay on you shithead' with the monitor for the time being, but there's not much else I can do; not working on that fic will drive me crazy. It's like a drawing I'm stuck on, and I want to fiddle with it until I know it's finished.