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When it rains...

It never fails.

Right before I start classes, I have some sort of computer calamity.

This time its the monitor. About a week ago it started to shut off - completely off - at random. I spent the weekend googling possibile reasons, only to get confused and more frustrated. Then Tuesday night I noticed something stranger: it would turn on and off by itself even with the computer being off. Wednesday I had a fit after switching the cords for a second time and getting the same result. Today I did the sensible thing and google the brand to find the manual and ended up chatting with their tech support. She suggested that I try another powerstrip and outlet, and if it's still happening, it's an internal bit that's about to die, most likely. What's more, it's no longer servicable cause they stopped producing this model in April of 2011. I tried the wall outlet and it went out once I think, but I can't move the thing to try another outlet, as it's screwed to the wall. Tomorrow I'll try another spot on the power strip.

Now I have no idea how old this thing is, I got it used. I also need it for school and work, so I'm stuck with the phantom menace until one day I can actually afford to replace it, or it completely craps out. Yeah, they cost next to nothing, but the money I do have has to stretch to cover the bills and our most basic things we can't do without.

Basically I'm having one of those pissy-pity-parties, and learning that some of my family is going to the beach this weekend doesn't help. Not that I would begrudge them, of course, but they are always talking about how hard-up they are for money. Don't blow your money on crap and come crying to me about how awful you've got it cause you can't pay your bills. I make sure mine are paid - I can't do anything else, but I'm caught up, and at least I don't have that to worry over.

On a totally different note I'm pretty sure I would have lost my head it it wasn't attached today. I nearly left my bag on the bench at  the college, I actually did lose my good mechanical pencil, I miscalculated how much I was spending at the grocery store and spent more that I probably should have, and I spent most of the day thinking it was the 7th.

There's been some good things too. My chemistry instructor has pronounced my name right at both meetings this week - without me correcting him too! My chemistry lab group already sounds more responsible than my biology lab group was, although I think we'll all be awkward and shy for the first couple weeks. I've also collected a following for my nanowrimo story from last year. It's just a fanfic plotbunny that wouldn't leave me alone, but it's fun to write, and the feedback has been great. It's changed so much from the draft, it's amazing. Also amazing because I didn't expect anyone to like it, much less read it. So I'll probably have to play 'stay on you shithead' with the monitor for the time being, but there's not much else I can do; not working on that fic will drive me crazy. It's like a drawing I'm stuck on, and I want to fiddle with it until I know it's finished.
So my 5k event was yesterday. The instructor wanted us to set a time-based goal to try and aim for, and I chose 50-55 minutes. On a good day I can cover about 2.5 miles in 40 minutes, and there was no way in hell I was going to start off in a sprint in the beginning. That being said, I was one of the last 4 girls in the class to make it to the stop sign on the north entrance* on the first lap. No shots of coffee waited for us there like I secretly hoped (cause I was still half awake); instead there were markers to sign our initials on index cards to give to him. By the time I finish my first lap, one of the guys in the class is already done! 26 minutes!
I did not do as well as that. Instead, pacing myself and jogging more towards the end, I finished in 53 minutes. :) Very proud of myself for that, as I know there was no way in hell I could have done it at this time last year. I was so exhausted though I slept like the dead last night.

Spring Break starts Monday, and I fully intend on spending more time on art. I might read ahead on Paradise Lost, by my brain is in desperate need of a break. I think I might get some organization done too.

And at the risk of sounding like an idiot, what the hell is Homestuck?! Is it a webcomic or show or something? I've been seeing jokes about it on Tumblr and Deviantart but I have no idea what it is.

* I really don't see what was so bad other than how far out it was; the land was pretty stable compared to the steep turn on the service road we take on our daily workouts.


I got my new shoes in the mail today! This is great for me, because I have that 5k event Thursday in class and the ones that I've been wearing would have murdered my feet. This new pair I got for $20 at Walmart, Danskin Now Citrus-somethings. They're silver and green, and my first thought was to call them 'Slytherin Sneakers' until Mama made a Daryl Waltrip joke, so if I suddenly burst out laughing next week in class that'll be why.
I've discovered that while I'm still getting about 2.2-2.3 miles each class, my knees are getting better and I'm not as winded. On Valentine's day I was one of the lucky few that got strapped with an accelerometer, and the instructor said that for most of the class period I stayed within the limits of moderate to vigorous activity, so I'm not doing as bad as I thought I was. He still can't understand why I'm so hard on myself.

Sadly, I'm still working on the same two commissions that I've been working on all month. One has some minor changes, which will be finished tonight, and the other I'm stuck on. I can see the image, but it's not clear enough to get down on paper, and that bothers me cause I usually don't have this problem with this guy's prompts. It's no one's fault, I think I'm just having a rotten month creative-wise. Warmer weather should fix that, I hope.

This past Nanowrimo fic I wrote seems to attract new followers with each update, and that makes me happy since I didn't think anyone would care to read it. Either way, it's more incentive to keep working on it (even though I should be reading King Lear, shhhh - don't tell my instructor).

And I'm not sure, but I get the feeling that I may have stretched myself too thin this semester. The other night I had a dream that I logged onto Facebook to find 6 messages from different people all wanting art at the same time! Better for me to be too busy than not busy at all I suppose. Breaks between semesters drives me batty if I don't have anything else to keep me occupied, even if I am just sitting down.

Devious Journal Entry

One (of many) of those days


Frustrated for a number of reasons, and most of them come back to me still not having found a better way to budget my time. I have commissions to do (which I love); getting art block on one of them is not helping my need to draw. In class tomorrow, my routine will focus on 2.5 miles in the opposite direction of what I've been going in, and I am hoping that I don't hurt myself this week. See, the campus pretty much consists of hills, and the service road we go along has a steep slope in one of the turns. Like an idiot I went along the steepest part the first day and stepped wrong, so my ankle and knee suffered for it. Honestly, if my instructor hasn't figured out by now that my knees are weaker than they should be I'll be surprised. Don't get me wrong, I am trying my best, but I seem to overdo it. Freaking perfectionism, I guess. Not so good when you're out of shape. Still, on days when I don't go to class I'm trying to work my knees some more to build up strength.

My big ARGH moment came this evening when I tried to access the college's school databases for an English paper due at the end of the week. If you're not on campus, you need a password for specific sites (and in this case, is most of the relevant ones), which changes every semester. It used to be that we could put in our student IDs and get it that way, but they have either changed that, or someone in web management forgot to include it when they did the redesign, cause now I'm getting a 404 error. Tried emailing; the address they give doesn't exist according to GMail. So guess who gets to run across campus tomorrow after running for 40 minutes straight? Me!

On another note, is anyone still doing that 100-Things Challenge? I fully intend on finishing it, and I've even been working on them off the computer... it's just time that I need, and the memory to remember to post them would help too.
I fell in class today.

To be fair, it was at the end of class and there were about 5 of us left in the fitness center, instructor included. We did a brisk mile-walk today as one of our pretests, and my knees paid dearly for it. The direction I went in on the laps has this really steep uphill that slowed me down considerably. Then we came back in and while I was nursing my pathetic joints the guys in the class did the 3-minute step test, which is about 17 inches tall and we have to keep with the rhythm to get an accurate heart rate. The instructor gave the girls the option of doing the test then or waiting until Thursday, since we were at the end of class.

And being the idiot I am, said sure, why the hell not? Go ahead and get it out of the way, one less thing to worry about. Well, for about the first minute I was doing okay. My knees had started to hurt again and my pace slowed, and I think this is where I went wrong - trying to catch back up. I stepped down with my right, went to get off with my left, and my balance (and left knee) decided to give out on me. I thought I'd be able to catch myself, but I landed on my left hand, and then my butt.

I'm okay, and I told the instructor so, but I'd have to try again on Thursday. He said that was perfectly fine; "do what your body tells you" he says. Well I should have listened to my knees. My instructor is more understanding of me than I am of me.

So I'm in a sulky mood and still nursing my knees while I work on commissions. I'm going to do some work to get my knees ready for Thursday; there's not much I can do for my balance, since I'm sure it's a sinus thing with the weather mucking around. And I'm going to wrap my knee and pray that I can knock out the step test before I have to run or anything.


Semester started back and I'm already sore.
Today was our first day out in our 'walk, jog, run' course. I knew I was out of shape, but I didn't think it was this bad; of course it would have helped had I not took off in a sprint with the rest of them in the beginning. I wasn't the only straggler, so I just have to keep telling myself that I will improve. Tuesday we start pre-tests to figure out where we are in regards to making our personal plans.
I had to drop weight training because I discovered there was no way of me getting to campus that early, which frustrates me, but that'll be another class I can take with Chemistry. Maybe, just maybe, I can graduate in July.

I've also got a tattoo commission I'm soon to finish up. Real neat one too, Day of the Dead type art. For personal stuff, I'm still working on my gothic carnival series and I want to start some portraiture again, since the last real person I drew (in pencil) was Tom Hiddleston.

Been trying to get around to catching up on here and other sites. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not crazy about this new friends list. Make it hard to tell which journal/community I'm looking at. I think I'm going to drop some communities to clear the list up a bit; already removed myself from a few that weren't active anymore just because of clutter.

Oh yeah, and Nanowrimo is still haunting my soul. Those past two drafts I've done? Both want to come out and play Revision Time at the worst times, usually when I'm reading in my textbooks and trying to take notes on Anglo-Saxon literature. Then it turns into "Ooooh! New plot bunny! No wait- a twist here! Make notes cause I'm awesome and if you forget me you'll regret it forever!!!"
I must have missed something, or I really need to change my user settings. I shouldn't have 200+ messages about sports apparel for teams I don't even like.

So once I delete the...14 pages left I'm going to go fix that.

DONE! Anons can still comment, but I've added the Captcha and set it so spam-looking ones will be sorted accordingly.
I'm still alive. I think.

To be honest, I don't know what's been going on in LJ-land these past months, much less if any of my friends still post. But if you do (and I'm still on your friend's list lol), I hope things have been going well for you!

Things have been up and down for me, to keep it blunt. Biology and Spanish took up a lot of my time this semester, but I passed both with B's. Unfortnately, I won't be graduating in the spring because I couldn't get my last science class to fit with my schedule, but maybe I can squeeze Chemistry in the summer months. Instead, I'll have two P.E. classes, British Literature, Introduction to Business, NC History, and Technology and Society to play with.

Art has been about the only good thing I can say a lot about. Commissions have been fun, and I have a folder of stuff that hasn't seen the light of internet still. I think that will be my new year's resolution: to stay social (even if it's only online).

Oh yeah, I was also bad and took part in Nanowrimo again. XD Won too.

Name this piece?

name me!

As you can see, this is one of my latest experiments pieces. I want to add it to the Zazzle store, but I wanted something catchy for the name. She'll come in other color schemes, but I wanted the name to center on the subject instead of the colors. I'm at a loss for what to call her, so I'm sending out an internet-plea for suggestions! :) Y'all are crafty people, could you help a girl out?