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003. Mario Kart

Nintendo series counts as a fandom, right? Eh, whatever; I say they do.

I never got to play the N64 game (we skipped from the SNES to the Gamecube) but I love the Gamecube and Wii versions. Especially the online feature for the Wii game. It comes in handy when no one else wants to play, and now that the Wii is basically mine... well online is pretty much the only way I race anymore.

I've learned a few things about racing others online:
  1. No one likes Daisy. I swear it's like everyone puts a hit out on me when I log on. I don't like Yoshi, but that's for personal reasons.
  2. Daisys seek out other Daisys. It's a bit frightening to hear what sounds like 40 yells in the same voice RIGHT behind you.
  3. A race full of Funky Kongs is like Harley Week where they slam everyone off of the road.
  4. Very few lack creativity in picking screennames. Mine's 'Cyclone'. I see a lot of regular names, Mommys, Daddys, Cosplays, Players, and hundreds of variants of those. That gets old after a while. It's the internet, make it interesting! When some friends of mine raced as teams, their names were 'Who Dat' and 'Who Dis'. Made them very easy to spot.
Something I have to wonder about when I race others is what they think of me during the race. Say for example, we're on Peach Beach. We're on the sand, you're right behind me passing those Bobble-Birds that flip you. We both just got an item block, and you see me loading up a green shell. But instead of tossing it behind me and smacking you, I throw it forward at one of the birds. Do they think I'm a terrible thrower or that I slipped up? The answer is neither, because I just like hitting those birds. The same goes for the penguins, the cows, the crabs (when I can get lined up right), or the Bob-omb cars on Moonview Highway. I do the same thing when I get a Super-shroom too.

Another thing about my driving, I like to keep you on your toes. You'd best hope I don't get very far ahead in first place, because I will booby-trap the hell out of that racetrack. XD I'm like the Easter Bunny; you never know where you're gonna find a surprise. Sometimes I try to drop the items in the same place to see if anyone's paying attention.

Is it a holiday? Eh, screw it.

So I had intended to make a long post about exactly how much of a scumbag my father is on this day, but then I started thinking about it.

Why should I? What good would it actually do, other than make my journal look more like a fear-fest of angst and depression. I think the last few entries have done that already. I apologize, friend's list, for cluttering up your page these past few weeks with my angry-hurt posts.

This entire week (and now weekend) has been nothing but "Get him this and this for Sunday!" when all that I would give him would be a good punch (if he was lucky). So I say screw it. Screw this holiday and that long entry I intended to make. I'm lazy. ;P But props to Tom Hiddleston for giving me a new favorite insult in The Avengers! I'd post the quote on my Facebook wall, but I'd be a heap of trouble if my 8-year-old cousin looked the definition up.

To sum up what I would have said in three pages of text: He is a sneaky, whiny, miserable, lying, immature, selfish, good-for-nothing, yankee*-pork-filled, onset diabetic, walking-heart-disease-model, parasitic, sack of monkey shit.....asshole shell of what's left of a technical male. No one should trust this person; he will say one thing and do something entirely different. By that logic he's worse than a politician. I think that says everything about why I choose not to celebrate this day. But to the actual fathers out there (I'm told there are some), have a good day.

*No disrespect to any friends from up north. When I used this insult, it was directed at him and the whole Wiseman side of that family.

It's the truth!

Considering what Sunday is for most people, this makes me giggle in evil glee.

...and in my opinion she is the favorite parent. Just saying. ;)


Someone explain this to me-


Not to get into all the political crud, but I'm just wondering. Too much hate in the comments from every direction so I blocked it out to show the ONE person with enough common sense to question it.

I would question this if Obama's team were to offer sweatshirts. I still wouldn't want it, cause I have enough pullovers like that anyway. I really hope no one gets one of these and wears them around right now just because they don't wanna vote for the other guy. It ain't worth a heat stroke people.


We got a weed-eater today! :D

That sounds ridiculous to get excited over, but the oddest things can make me happy. So if my neighbors happen to hear the thing this week followed by psychotic cackling, that'll be me having way too much fun destroying weeds.

Short entry is short, cause I have to get up and see whether my classes are in Blackboard or Moodle in the morning.
I've got three more days of break before my summer classes start. Crud. Not that I'm not looking forward to them, but because I really thought I had another week before I started thinking about school again. With so much crap happening at once, I've been forgetting what day it is exactly. I did get my textbooks, and like every time I've gone, the people at the bookstore have some new system for students.

We've started going through the room these past few days, trying to straighten it up and sort through the mess she left behind. Have I said that I wanted to kick her in the keester?

Since I don't anticipate my break turning around completely in three days, I'm going to make the best of it. I've been playing Bubble Witch Saga and Avengers Alliance on Facebook. I wanted to work on my nano story, and I have, but not as much as I planned to. Even with the Avengers out now, I don't think I'll be changing it much; as it is, I don't expect to see the movie until it comes out on DVD. I've got some commission work to do again, so I'm happy about that. I know I'm supposed to be on a break but I feel better if I have something productive to do.

And now before I go to sleep I'm gonna scroll through my friends' list and catch up. I'm such a procrastinator at times. :P
How's everyone's weekend going? It's hot here, but what's new with that. lol

It's also been kind of a daze, it just being the two of us now. The dogs keep searching for her, and the two oldest keep looking at us trying to figure out which one is going to leave them next. Obviously neither of us intend to go anywhere, well except for the store and stuff, but you know what I mean. The sadness is still there, but I think anger is beginning to take over. She's still my sister, and I'll always love her, but right now I want to kick her in the head. lol
Yesterday evening was the first time I outright laughed. I was planning to watch the British comedies on UNC-TV, but I found The Princess and the Frog on  ABC Family and watched it. I'd like to get that one; it's not often you hear 'y'all' so much in a cartoon.

I think we might be getting help with our plumbing this week; we have to wait for Aunt Cherrl to get back to us on Facebook, so we'll see.
Also, I started playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance and Bubble Witch Saga. I am stuck on level 35 and both Mama and Karlei have already passed me!

One of the worst days of my life

Wednesday was fine; I went to Walmart, picked up some things we forgot for Memorial Day and The Woman in Black. I know things haven't been perfect lately, but I thought it was a good day. Yesterday began like Wednesday, except for when I turned my computer on to read my email, I heard Mama break down.

My sister told her she was leaving to go move in with HIM. If you're late to the party, I refer to HIM as such because I'll be damned if the law requires that I address that man as my father. She said that she got an email from him the previous night; apparently his cousin Jodi is coming down to visit her nephew, and he took the opportunity to tag along. They were supposed to pick her up around 8 this morning, but instead they came and got her around 10 last night. We found this out about 2:30 yesterday, and once I managed to quit screaming, it hit me like a ton of bricks. She waited until the last minute to tell us.

The worst was still yet to come when he called and told her to bring her stuff outside, so they could pick her up by the mailbox. That fucktard didn't have balls enough to come in the driveway. Mama was waiting outside when the truck pulled up, and she told them to pull in, so that she wouldn't be picked up like someone's garbage. He was hateful as always, just more red and swollen and looking for a fight. Then that goddamned cousin of his took her cell phone out and started taking pictures of my mom! AND, the cow threatened to call 911 if some shit started. HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE. SHE was the one that pulled up outside of OUR HOUSE. SHE would be considered the "guest" on a technicality, and SHE has the gall to call the law on US?! I swear to god if I could have gotten out of the house last night that bitch wouldn't have had the chance to dial the 9 before I beat her and my father senseless. And it wasn't just him, whoever was in the truck was talking shit about Mama, in front of my sister! And she still went with them! When Father's Day rolls around this year, I'm not holding anything back.

Mama's trying to pull herself together. We were both exhausted from crying last night and slept on the couch because I didn't want to be or leave her alone. I'm scared to death I'm never going to see her again now. Mama, Aunt Cherrl, Uncle Mark, and Nina all think that they won't see her again. I don't know how we're going to handle everything now. I may be avoiding the internet for a while until summer semester starts, so if I don't comment on something, you know why.

Anyways, I hope everyone on my friend's list has a great Memorial Day weekend! ♥
The funeral for my cousin is today at 2. My grandmother just came to get my mom; I'm staying home to babysit the dogs. I can't go; being at Aunt Gin's was bad all those years ago, and I don't expect that I would hold up any better at this one.

Chance of nasty weather again this afternoon. Also, and this is funny, the kitchen computer's monitor burnt up. We figured the harddrive or the motherboard would be the first to go, it being a Frankenstein computer that he put together.

I think I'll go play Mario Kart Wii for a while. Probably race under Worldwide instead of Regional. If you see a Daisy whiz past you with the name 'Cyclone', that's me!
Done with my spring semester! *flails*
I still have to wait for the final grades from my instructors to come in, but I am basically done. Now I can go stack the textbooks that I know the bookstore won't buy back with the others. lol

I'm kinda lost now, I don't have anything that I have to do with a pressing deadline until the beginning of next month. If my friend would ever get moved I'd have someone to go to the movies with. For now though I think I'm just going to do some cleaning around my desk and on the computer; it's a rainy day and I don't feel like doing much else.