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Semester started back and I'm already sore.
Today was our first day out in our 'walk, jog, run' course. I knew I was out of shape, but I didn't think it was this bad; of course it would have helped had I not took off in a sprint with the rest of them in the beginning. I wasn't the only straggler, so I just have to keep telling myself that I will improve. Tuesday we start pre-tests to figure out where we are in regards to making our personal plans.
I had to drop weight training because I discovered there was no way of me getting to campus that early, which frustrates me, but that'll be another class I can take with Chemistry. Maybe, just maybe, I can graduate in July.

I've also got a tattoo commission I'm soon to finish up. Real neat one too, Day of the Dead type art. For personal stuff, I'm still working on my gothic carnival series and I want to start some portraiture again, since the last real person I drew (in pencil) was Tom Hiddleston.

Been trying to get around to catching up on here and other sites. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not crazy about this new friends list. Make it hard to tell which journal/community I'm looking at. I think I'm going to drop some communities to clear the list up a bit; already removed myself from a few that weren't active anymore just because of clutter.

Oh yeah, and Nanowrimo is still haunting my soul. Those past two drafts I've done? Both want to come out and play Revision Time at the worst times, usually when I'm reading in my textbooks and trying to take notes on Anglo-Saxon literature. Then it turns into "Ooooh! New plot bunny! No wait- a twist here! Make notes cause I'm awesome and if you forget me you'll regret it forever!!!"